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7 Ways to Grow and Retain Your Audience

PLAYTV by BrightcovePLAYTV by Brightcove

From creating awareness all the way to converting prospects and retaining customers, video is a business-building power tool. In fact, video was the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they purchased, campaigns with video see 34% higher conversion rates, and 84% of people who bought a product say they were convinced to buy after watching a video.

7 Ways to Drive More Revenue With B2B Video Marketing will explain how to:

  • Increase the ROI of your content marketing
  • Target key prospects more effectively with personalized insights from video viewing data
  • Improve your conversion rate and build pipeline by combining video engagement, analytics, and marketing automation

Expect more from your video strategy — and get it. Because when people press play, you see results.

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