Learning, music, and organized Simulive events on a tv, smartphone, and tablet.

Audiences love live events. Organizers, not so much.

Everyone loves a great live event, but few people understand the headaches, costs, and stress of planning and having one. A simulive event is a great alternative because it perfectly simulates a live experience for audiences (hence the name), but it’s far less costly and stressful for event organizers. That’s because while it appears live, simulive content is prerecorded, so you know everything is going to play and work as expected. Simulive offers a great audience experience that reflects well on your brand and saves you a lot of money and effort.

Brightcove Simulive event viewed on a tablet with comments.

The live aspect may be simulated. But the interactive features are very real.

There’s so much you can do to make a simulive event memorable and to deepen audience engagement. Overlays, quizzes and polls, in-video web content, chat, and other interactive elements keep attendees involved and further that feeling of being at a live event. But since everything is prerecorded, you can sit back and enjoy being at your event, too. And it’s so easy to implement, you can even do it yourself. There’s no need to hire some big, expensive agency to deal with all the complexities, because there aren’t any.

Live video feed of an audience applauding at a Brightcove Simulive event on a tablet.

Everyone can benefit from simulive.

Event planners are already pressed to come up with fun and engaging virtual or hybrid events. Simulive gives them a safer, more predictable way to do that while delivering the benefits of a live experience. For marketers without an event person on staff, simulive is so easy and accessible, they can manage it on their own. Teams can record the content, get everything ready with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, and set it to go at the designated time. No more worrying about speakers being late (or not showing up at all), feeds cutting out, and the many other things that can go wrong with a true live event.

Features and benefits

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More engagement, less time and money

Yes, it’s possible to create an experience that produces deeper engagement while placing less strain on your team and your budget — with simulive.

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Add a live element to your sessions

Simulive is totally flexible. Want to schedule a prerecorded session followed by live Q&A? Great idea — and the impression that it’s all live is even stronger.

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No technical expertise or virtual event experience required

Regardless of industry, any team can tap into the power of simulated live virtual events without the prohibitive costs and stress of a fully live experience.

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14개 비디오 플랫폼을 비교한 Aragon Research Globe 기업용 비디오 2022는 Brightcove를 제품 성능 및 전략 부문의 리더로 선정했습니다. 현재 고려 중인 다른 기업용 비디오와 함께 Brightcove에 대해 자세히 알아보려면 전체 보고서를 확인하세요.

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