Virtual Events

Drive engagement with immersive,


Security, reliability, and quality at scale

Done well, virtual events generate great content, insightful data, and impressive results. Brightcove Virtual Events extends your reach and deepens your audience engagement with easy-to-use functionality, media-grade streaming, and award-winning support when you need it.


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Unmatched scalability and reliability

A virtual event is your brand’s chance to shine. Take full advantage of it and build your following of fans all over the world.

  • Scale effortlessly to reach audiences from 300 to 3 million live concurrent viewers
  • Trust that your event will stream around the globe – without delays, glitches, or any other technical issues
  • Leverage an extensive CDN network to distribute content fast
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Fully branded and interactive experiences

Interactivity involves your audience and takes them from passive viewers to active participants, and customizability keeps your brand front and center.

  • Apply interactive features like Q&A, polls, and chat to give attendees a chance to engage with your brand and each other
  • Customize your event with extensive branding possibilities
  • Promote and clip on social media right while your event is happening
  • Collect valuable insights for compelling post-event followup

Your virtual event should be a cause for celebration, not frustration.

With Brightcove, you get industry-leading uptime and media-grade streaming. Something else we give you? Confidence. Because our support team will be right there with you to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.


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Flawless viewer experiences

Brightcove’s Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award-winning platform is powerful enough to handle global audiences and flexible enough to create custom-branded user experiences.

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Award-winning support

Brightcove has earned the Support Staff Excellence certification from the Technology Services Industry Association for seven years running.

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Virtual event data can be used to identify the content most popular with your audience for more effective follow-up. And if you choose to enable event registration, you can route attendee data through your MAP for nurturing, sales outreach, or even targeting sponsors for your next event.

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Market-leading security

Powerful features like digital rights management (DRM), domain and IP restriction, and geofencing ensure that the right people – and only the right people – watch your stream.

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