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Streaming For Non-Professionals: Critical Questions To Ask Your Provider

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On January 26, 2022 Brightcove's own Eric Rudolf joined Chief Evangelist for Glisser, Vanessa Lovett, in a webinar.

The focus of webinar was on:

  • How the quality of video stream is of the utmost importance when delivering virtual and hybrid events.
  • How organisations can ensure they understand the requirements and standards they should set around scalability, security, reliability, real-time monitoring, playback and viewing and event support.

This webinar aimed to take a less technical approach to allow a broader audience across marketing and events roles to benefit from these valuable insights.


Eric Rudolf

VP of Go-to-Market (GTM) Programs

Eric Rudolf is the VP of Go-to-Market (GTM) Programs for Brightcove, the industry leader in empowering organizations to touch audiences with video in bold and innovative ways. With 20 years in SaaS-based Enterprise Technology, Eric has led GTM strategy for multiple Gartner-named leaders. You may connect with Eric on LinkedIn, or send him an email any time at erudolf@brightcove.com.

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