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From Viewers to Doers Webinar - Brightcove Hosted Webinar

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Adding interactivity to your video brings viewers into the experience and engages them on a whole new level. Want to learn how to take your video from something people watch to something they’re truly involved in?

In this session, we’ll cover:

● How to use and monetise interactivity

● Different kinds of interactive features

● Future trends


Greg Armshaw

Senior Director Strategy

Greg Armshaw is Senior Director of Strategy at Brightcove with more than 20 years of experience in the media and digital marketing industry. At Brightcove, Greg helped build its dominant position as the number one choice for delivering and monetising live and VOD streaming for Free-to-air TV, Pay TV Content Owners and Sports Content Owners.

Sanghee Lee

Country Manager, Korea

Sanghee is the Country Manager at SendBird, Korea Inc., the world's leading chat & messaging platform as a service in addition to voice and video. Sanghee’s responsibility as the Country Manager for Sendbird Korea, Inc. is to develop and execute a country-wide plan and vision, in line with Sendbird’s APAC regional strategy, that delivers transformational value to Sendbird’s customers, partners and employees. Previously, Sanghee joined Sendbird as the first employee in 2015 and over the past years, he has played various positions in Sendbird's global HQ in San Mateo, CA including Head of Growth, Head of Marketing and Head of Operations.

Patrick Farley

Product Manager for Interactivity

Patrick Farley is the Product Manager for Interactivity at Brightcove, based in the Boston office. Prior to joining Brightcove, Patrick worked for four years at HapYak Interactive Video as Director of Customer Success managing the CS team, driving platform roadmap and development of their interactive studio.

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