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Metrics that Matter: Quality of Experience

Ian Blaine, Brightcove's SVP of Innovation & Insights, will review the key QoE metrics that you have to understand to keep audiences engaged and watching. By keeping a close eye on error rates, video start times, and other quality-focused analytics, you can optimize playback to assure a great experience and keep audiences coming back.

Meet The Guests

Guest: Ian Blaine, Brightcove's SVP, Innovation & Insights, Brightcove

Ian is a media technology entrepreneur with significant tenure in and contributions to the streaming video industry. This has included founder/leadership roles at successful startups including thePlatform and Wicket Labs and executive positions in acquiring companies including Comcast, and Brightcove.

In each of these scenarios Ian has led product integration efforts, and drove significant new initiatives. Ian has deep experience with the full life cycle of software and business development with a focus on online video platforms, OTT technologies and data-driven insights for media companies.

He has worked with most major media companies and MVPDs in the course of his career, building strong relationships and developing a deep understanding of their business opportunities and challenges. This understanding informs Ian's product vision and helps set the course for new product initiatives. Currently, Ian's role is focused on building products that deliver new, valuable insights based on Brightcove's vast pool of data.




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