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Megan Felz

By Megan Felz

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Social Publishing Integrations: LinkedIn and Hootsuite

Features & Updates

It’s important for our customers to reach their audiences where they are, and these days, social media is a primary location. That’s why at Brightcove we continue to maintain, update, and add integrations for social channels.

We’re pleased to announce that Brightcove now supports publishing to LinkedIn. Just create a “LinkedIn destination” in the Social Module, and you can distribute content directly to the millions of professionals across LinkedIn’s site. You can also fully configure the default settings of your post, including post info, visibility, and captioning, so that it displays the way you want it to.

Additionally, you’re now able to publish from Hootsuite. Your Brightcove account can be added to Hootsuite Streams, allowing you to select videos and distribute them across social platforms. This provides a significant boost for publishing video content across social platforms and gives even more flexibility to teams who use these channels.

Over half of marketers indicate video is the most valuable type of content for accomplishing their social marketing goals. It’s more important than ever for organizations to have the tools they need to stay competitive. At Brightcove, we’re always looking for ways to keep you at the top of the pack. Evolving our social integrations is one way we do that.