Brightcove Achieves DPP Security Benchmarks


Brightcove is thrilled to announce that we have secured the Production and Broadcast marks within the Digital Production Partnership's (DPP) Committed to Security programme.

The DPP is a membership-based, not-for-profit organisation, formed jointly by UK broadcasters BBC, Channel 4, and ITV.

Their vision was to help producers and broadcasters drive adoption of common standards for media interoperability, minimise the friction faced by content producers and distributors when working with broadcasters, and to create new market opportunities through cross-industry insight.

Since 2009, the DPP's working groups, who draw from expertise across the broadcast, online media, and technology industries, have worked to include a common set of technical and metadata standards for digital TV production, share insight, and best practice methodologies for broadcast production across the industry.

The DPP has grown considerably, to over 400 company, organisation, and individual members, and adoption of their programmes and standards is widespread throughout the global industry.

In October 2017, following considerable effort within the security working group, the DPP launched the Committed to Security programme, which is designed to help suppliers demonstrate their commitment to security best practices within their businesses. The programme provides a standardised industry approach to cybersecurity, and participants are assessed against a rigorous set of controls, focussed on two distinct industry themes; Production, and Broadcast.

The types of issues that these controls are designed to prevent include security compromise by external and local actors, failure to detect and act upon incidents, and service risk in the event of a catastrophic event. A few examples of requirements in the programmes are for Brightcove to adhere to internationally recognised standards for information assurance (such as SOX), to ensure all systems and services are subjected to (and pass) penetration testing, and that we have plans in place to maintain essential operations in case of an emergency

With broadcasters now adopting the controls within the DPP programme, and many mandating supplier/vendor compliance, it is vital for technology providers in the online video industry to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to system, data, and content security.

For more information on how Brightcove keeps your content delivery secure, visit the Security and Reliability page.