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Video Analytics

Video Communications Platform

Identify your best content and uncover actionable audience behaviors with comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Video is the most engaging form of content on the planet. While it is powerful as a type of media, it also provides deep insights into the behavior of your audience. Video Cloud tracks all kinds of video analytics across device, destination and geography that track interest and engagement. We then enable you to analyze this data and even pass it to your other systems to get a comprehensive view of the ROI of your entire video investment.

Comprehensive, Real-Time Video Analytics to Guide Your Decisions

Access detailed data on who is viewing your content, how it is being viewed (devices, browsers, operating systems), how long it is being viewed, and where viewers are coming from. With Brightcove you can analyze player loads, views, viewed minutes, percent of content viewed, new viewers, unique viewers, attention span, top domains, geography, traffic sources, search terms, and more.


Viewer-Level Profile Analytics

Dive into your viewer’s engagement data at an individual level with Brightcove’s advanced profile analytics. Unlike other aggregate media analytics solutions, Brightcove can provide insight down to the unique user’s action throughout one or more viewing sessions. Integrate with your own identity management system to assign a viewer profile or leverage built-in tools for driving user identification and authentication.

Deeper Insights with HTML5 Analytics

Understand how viewers are engaging with your content across every device and playback environment. Unlike other HTML5 solutions, Brightcove analytics cover both Flash and HTML5 playback to give you comprehensive insight into audience behaviors and the links that are driving visitors to your site.


Compare Performance with Player-level Analytics

Test and compare how the same content performs in different locations on your site—on your homepage, your mobile app player, your video library player. Optimize player options and locations based on real feedback. Reports include views per player with additional details as you drill down into any one player.

Flexible, Customizable Reporting

View your data in out-of-the box dashboards and reports. Or design your own reports with our customer report builder. Perform deeper analysis by downloading detailed reporting data into a .csv file or Excel spreadsheet. And export snapshots of your report graphics to use as images in your presentations.

Integrate 3rd Party Video Analytics

Our Analytics API links Brightcove video analytics directly to other analytics and business intelligence tools so you can understand how video affects time-on-site, engagement, and conversion. Integrations with the Brightcove Player for reporting to leading web analytics platforms, like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, enable you to access site metrics and video analytics in one convenient tool.


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