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Video Analytics

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Video Communications Platform

Essential Insights go deeper to drive your business further.

Video is the most engaging form of content on the planet, and it can provide deep insights into your audience’s preferences, viewing habits, and trends. With the right data, you can answer the two most important questions to drive more business from your content: How is your audience engaging with your video? And how is your content performing?

With Essential Insights (now included in Video Cloud), you can track all kinds of video analytics, from viewing device, destination, and geography to interest and engagement — and make better content decisions to reach your audience goals.

Valuable Engagement Data

From play starts and engaged views to hours per device, sessions over time, and percentage of library viewed, Essential Insights illuminates what’s going on everywhere your content is watched. Every inflection in the data can pinpoint a valuable learning from your audience.

Clearer Content Insights

Don’t guess how engaging your video content is; see for yourself. Whether it’s a series, a genre, or just one video, using the Brightcove-exclusive Attention Index (as well as Top Titles and First Watched) in your Essential Insights dashboard will help you steer audiences to the most compelling videos and focus your promotional efforts on the right audience members.

Real-Time Analytics To Track Video Usage

Access detailed data on who is viewing your content, how it is being viewed (on which devices, browsers, and operating systems), how long it is being viewed, and where viewers are coming from. With Brightcove you can analyze player loads, views, viewed minutes, percent of content viewed, new viewers, unique viewers, attention span, top domains, geography, traffic sources, search terms, and more.

Compare Performance With Player-Level Analytics

Test and compare how the same content performs in different locations on your site — on your homepage, your mobile app player, your video library player, etc. — then optimize player options and locations based on your learnings. Reports include views per player with additional details as you drill down into particular players.

Flexible, Customizable Reporting

View your data in out-of-the box dashboards and reports. Or design your own reports with our custom report builder. Perform deeper analysis by downloading detailed reporting data into a .csv file or Excel spreadsheet. And export snapshots of your report graphics to use as images in your presentations.

GDPR-Compliant, Security-First Analytics

Essential Insights ensures the viewer data supplied in the system remains GDPR compliant and processes Pii according to legal obligation. In addition, data is always transferred in encrypted formats from the source to our data stores and, after processing, to the Essential Insights page.

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