Engage your employees with internal comms video

Internal Video Communication live streaming content on smartphones and tablets

From town halls to training, video connects everyone, everywhere.

Video Streaming Content on a tablet

Create the culture you want.

Leveraging the emotional impact of video for internal communications lets you build a strong and connected corporate culture and share it with all your offices. Want the most up-to-date information about your company to be easily accessible to every employee? Video makes it happen.

For some easy-to-implement tips, check out Building Culture with Video.

Employee video meeting streaming content on a smartphone and tablet

Deepen employee engagement.

Hybrid and remote work are here to stay, but these new ways of working can allow employees to become disengaged. And disengaged employees are more likely to leave. Bridge the gap with internal comms video across channels and devices — web pages, social media, newsletters and emails, live and on demand. Engage your employees wherever they are and they’re more likely to stay where they are: with your company.

For a look at what makes video for internal communications so effective, read Boost Your Employee Engagement.

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Level up your onboarding and training.

Using video to train employees and onboard new hires makes it easier to retain important information and ensures everyone goes through the same process. From HR and Sales Enablement to Customer Success, if you have essential knowledge to share, video gets viewers’ attention.

Make your training program more effective and consistent with 7 Tips for Engaging Employee Training With Video.

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A complete enterprise video solution.

Create dynamic video experiences with our Enterprise Video Suite. Centralized content management, rock-solid security, integrations for added capabilities, and actionable intelligence will take your internal communications to a whole new level.

Build your internal comms program around video with Enterprise Video Suite.

Brightcove CorpTV video stream content on smartphones

Make your internal comms video bingeable.

Deliver your internal comms video just like your employees’ favorite streaming platforms with Brightcove CorpTV. Available on any device and always on, your CorpTV channel brings viewers on-demand video and scheduled live events with a level of professionalism and polish you have to see to believe.

Engage your workforce 24/7/365 with Brightcove CorpTV.

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Attract — and retain — new talent.

There’s no better way to showcase a day in the life of your company than with video. You can tell prospective hires what it’s like to work there…or you can show them. Live or on-demand video delivered to any device promotes your brand and your culture, builds engagement, and gets candidates thinking, “When can I start?”

Learn all the ways video can help your internal comms break through.

These internal comms programs delivered video to different screens to keep everyone on the same page.

Wendy's customer banner image

When Wendy’s wanted a more effective approach to training, they served up video.

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“We wanted to have a way for our network of thousands of employees to meet the new leadership. […] Executives are passionate about helping people. They want employees to feel more connected, so they offer this platform to give advice and to get to know them better.”

Michael Weinstein

Multimedia Manager, Deloitte

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Learn how Deloitte executives stay connected to their global workforce with video.

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A leader in enterprise video

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video 2022 compared 14 video platforms and named Brightcove a leader for our product performance and strategy. To learn more about Brightcove along with your other enterprise video choices, check out the full report.

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