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With Cloud Playout, it’s easy to deliver video anytime you want.

Video content that’s just sitting on a server somewhere is a wasted asset. It has to be played and it has to be viewed if it’s going to help you engage audiences, sell products, or attract subscribers. Cloud Playout puts your video content to work by enabling you to create broadcast-quality playlists that will play at a time you choose or that you can loop and play repeatedly. You’ll deliver a great experience to viewers on any device and across channels with a minimum of time and effort.

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More ads = more revenue.

Generating ad revenue is another way your video content can work harder. With Cloud Playout, you can cue ads with existing SCTE35 markers or insert your own, and get around ad blockers with Brightcove’s Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) with no awkward buffering or transitions.

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Stream, advertise, track, organize, and manage your video content — all in one place.

Brightcove Cloud Playout brings everything you and your teams need together in one platform — no more tedious and time-wasting switching back and forth between tools. Now you can manage your video content lineup with a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you set it and forget it. With Cloud Playout, you save time, work more efficiently, create ad revenue, and grow your audience and your business by getting your content out in the world.

The world’s best brands trust Brightcove.

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“From a technical point of view, Brightcove was the only platform we could have used to help us realize our vision.”

Teresa Pappas,

SXSW Senior Innovation Project Manager

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“Delivering high-quality content reliably is critical for our business. Our partnership with Brightcove has been extremely beneficial for us as we continue to grow the business and evolve our product.”

Mandar Bapaye,

Vice President Of Engineering At MasterClass

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