Live Video Streaming | Broadcast Live to Web & Mobile

Harness the power of live streaming video

Brightcove Video Cloud fully supports high definition (HD) adaptive bitrate live streaming capabilities out-of-box so you can hit the ground running with your live streaming strategy. Live video streaming is an opportunity to engage your audience with high quality video content in real-time. It creates a destination for your audience and provides the foundation for exciting live engagement with social, advertising and interaction.

HD Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming

Deliver consistently high-quality, smooth video with adaptive bitrate live streaming. Reach your audience on the web or mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android with simultaneous RTMP and HLS outputs. Customize renditions or use out of the box SD/HD sets to optimize playback for any viewer screen size or network conditions.

Advanced Live Streaming

Live DVR

Live DVR controls are important for live streaming events. Brightcove offers live DVR controls out of box so your audience can pause and rewind to their favorite parts of the live stream...and then go back to live with the click of a button. Make sure your audience doesn't miss a thing and can engage with your live video content in an engaging way.

HD Streaming

Live Module - Live Streaming Workflow Made Easy

For those live streamers who want a more turnkey solution, Brightcove also offers the Video Cloud Live Module. With a simple, intuitive UI for non-technical users and a central dashboard, users can launch a live event in a few clicks or browse on-air, queued, or archived footage. No hardware or development required, start streaming immediately!

Advanced Live Streaming

Advertising, Analytics & Quality Monitoring

Make your live video experiences as full-featured as your on-demand experiences. Use custom players created in Video Cloud to monetize your live content with pre-roll advertising and sponsorship bumpers or watermarks. Measure performance with real-time analytics including active/total viewer counts and error monitoring.

HD Streaming

Live Streaming Event Support

Live streaming events are important and you need to get your live stream right the first time. Brightcove offers dedicated support engineers throughout the duration of your live streaming event for troubleshooting and monitoring to ensure your live stream is flawless. Live Stream Event Support, includes testing streams prior to going live, CDN configuration, assisting with encoder configuration, and direct urgent access to CDN partners.

Advanced Live Streaming

Live Transcoding API

In addition to Video Cloud Live Module's simplified workflow for non-technical users, we also offer a complete Live Cloud Transcoding API for developers. Developers can access an extensive API for live transcoding, and the service scales instantly to meet your needs. Simply input an RTMP feed to transcode live video to multi-bitrate, adaptive streams for playback on any Internet connected device.