Video Analytics Solution – Real Time & Custom Reporting

Leverage video analytics for better business decisions

Video is the most engaging form of content on the planet. While it is powerful as a type of media, it also provides deep insights into the behavior of your audience. We track all kinds of video analytics that track interest and engagement. We then enable you to pass that information to your other systems to get a comprehensive view of the ROI of your video investment.

Real-time Video Analytics

Get the pulse on your video analytics in real time. All the information that we collect and gather from your audience is reported in dashboards, standard reports and customizable reports that you can export into CSV or XLSX.


Viewership Tracking

Understanding your high level viewership analytics helps you understand the video footprint you have. Report on information video analytics like number of views, play rate, device type, geographic location and referral source.


Content Analytics

While understanding your high level video analytics is important, it is equally important to understand the performance of your video content. It isn'€™t enough to know that many people watched your video, you really need to understand how much of your video they watched and what they did after they watched your video. Report on engagement rates and time viewed in Video Cloud and tie this information into your web analytics to comprehensively understand viewer behavior.


Custom Report Creation

While we provide a number of dashboards and reports out of the box, we understand that you will want to look at your video analytics in the specific way you want. So, we make it very easy for you to do this through our custom report builder. Design reports to your specific requirements then click a button to generate your report and export it. Then, do whatever you want with the information!


Analytics API

We fully support an Analytics API for those users who wish to link Video Cloud video analytics directly with their own analytics or business intelligence tools. Integrate your video analytics and get all the information you want and need!