Put your videos to work with performance analytics

Make better decisions and drive results with comprehensive built-in analytics and reports. Identify your best content and discover audience behaviors with insightful details.

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Understand everything about your audience

Real-time performance monitoring

Our analytics platform is based on real-time architecture that uses big data technology and is built for truly massive scale. Data is delivered within minutes after collection, and reports as granular as hourly snapshots give organizations a detailed understanding of content performance.

Identify your best content

Identify your best content

Detailed reports on critical performance metrics, including video impressions, video views and play rates, as well as engagement analytics, including Brightcove's proprietary engagement score, help you discover your most impactful content. Other engagement metrics, such as viewed minutes, and drop-off rates, are also available across your entire media library.


Reporting API access

Brightcove Video Cloud provides a simple and powerful RESTful API to access your data. With the Reporting API, you can build custom reporting applications to integrate with your data as well as automate complex reporting tasks.

Monitor traffic and referrals

Monitor traffic and referrals

Understand how viewers discover your video content. Search and referral analytics include top referring domains, traffic sources and most popular search terms and keywords for both organic and paid campaigns.

Player-level details

Comprehensive analytics across devices

Get deep insight into how your viewers are engaging with your content across every device and playback environment. Unlike other solutions, Video Cloud analytics cover both Flash and HTML5-based devices to give you comprehensive insight into audience behaviors. Our analytics coverage also includes an iOS and Android Player SDK out-of-the-box.

HTML5 analytics

Player-level details

Test and compare how the same content performs in different locations on your site: on your homepage, your mobile Web player, your video library player. Optimize player options and locations based on real feedback. Reports include views per player with additional details as you drill down into any one player.

Web Analytics Integration

Third Party Web analytics integration

Access your site metrics and video analytics in one convenient place so you can understand how video effects time-on-site, engagement and conversion. Brightcove's Web Analytics SDK integrates directly with leading web analytics packages like Omniture and Google Analytics to consolidate your audience data.