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CMO Stratech Summit 2022

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The CMO StraTech Summit combines the collective learning of CMOs from different industries and sectors across India to discuss best practices in recent times - from measuring marketing results to linking financial performances to marketing while meeting ever-changing customer expectations.

Dattatray from Brightcove joins the panel titled: Championing Data-Driven Marketing for ROI and provided insights on how organisations can prepare to transition into a more data-private world and address key elements in establishing value and engagement for the customer with video as a core strategy.


Dattaray Shivaji Katkar

Sales Director, India

As Brightcove’s Sales Director, Dattatray consults enterprises, business conglomerates, and media companies by creating core business strategies with video in India. Dattatray has close to 15 years of rich experience in customer relationship management—addressing client’s pain points ranging from Video Marketing, IT Security, Networking and DC Solutions in large enterprise brands and the media sector in India.

At Brightcove, Dattatray is responsible for building business across the media, enterprise, and BFSI industries. In the region, he is supported by a team of professionals with expert knowledge on video as a platform.

Prior to Brightcove, Dattatray held various senior management and regional roles at Extreme Networks INC and Jainam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Shalini Rao

Chief Marketing Officer
Bangalore International Airport

Vandana Bhalla

Head Marketing & Digital Titan
Titan & Tanishq International Markets

Vakul Agarwal

Vice President - Growth Marketing

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