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Rev is the largest provider of video captions, foreign language subtitles and transcription services in the market.

Partner Overview

Rev is the largest provider of video captions, foreign language subtitles and transcription services, with millions of minutes of audio and video transcribed each month. For just $1 per minute, Rev guarantees 99% accuracy and 24-hour turnaround. There’s no charge extra for accents, difficult quality audio, or multiple speakers. Rev is also 100% use-on-demand; you'll never be locked into contracts or hassle with hidden fees. Best of all, Brightcove users can easily order and receive files from Rev without leaving Brightcove's Video Cloud.

Integration Overview

Once your Brightcove and Rev accounts are linked, you can order caption and subtitle files by simply tagging your videos in Brightcove with the corresponding Rev tag.

  1. In Brightcove, select the videos you would like to send to Rev and click “tag”.
  2. Tag videos with the Rev tags that correspond to the languages you would like to order. 
  3. Rev checks Brightcove for new tags every hour. Once Rev’s system identifies a new tag, the video is automatically pulled and an order is placed. When this occurs, the tag in Brightcove will change to "rev-en-placed".
  4. Turnaround typically takes < 24 hours. Short videos are often completed in a couple hours. Once your order is complete, the Brightcove tag will change to "rev-completed".

Key Features


  • Rev’s professionals (i.e. real people) caption and translate your videos with 99% accuracy 
  • Our team is trained to handle files with poor quality, multiple speakers, and background noise. Additionally, unfamiliar or specialized terminology is researched for context and accuracy. All files go through Rev’s thorough QA process to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Rev customers have the ability to supply a glossary to support jargon-heavy content and speaker names 24/7 live support 

Ease of Use

  • Fast and simple account creation
  • Connect your Rev and Brightcove accounts in < 5 minutes
  • Order caption and subtitle files by simply tagging your video in Brightcove 
  • All Rev customers have access to our free editing suite, with which they can make edits, customizations, and annotations to captions and subtitles and push any changes to Brightcove with the click of a button. - --- Features include changing speaker names, find-&-replace, sharing, and more


  • Turnaround: 24-hours for videos < 60 minutes (posted turnaround time). Actual average turnaround for - --English captions (last 12 weeks):
  • 0-5-minute videos: < 2 hours
  • 6-10-minute videos: < 3 hours
  • 11-30-minute videos: < 8 hours
  • 31-60-minute videos: < 17 hours


  • Rev's closed captions are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling regarding captioning. Our files also meet FCC 508/509 requirements for open and closed captioning of web and TV video content.

Audience Engagement

  • Adding captions and subtitles to your videos allows more viewers to enjoy your content—even with the sound turned off. 
  • Captions boost your website’s SEO and help you maintain strong rankings on major search engines.

Privacy and Security

  • Rev has a strict customer confidentiality policy. Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access and all of our professionals have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements. We are also happy to sign NDAs provided by our customers.  
  • We encrypt all data - both in transit and where it is stored on our protected AWS servers. Your files are securely stored and transmitted using TLS 1.2 encryption, bank-level security.