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Put Video to Work Across the Organization - Chapter 2

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Effectively onboarding and aligning talented and enthusiastic employees is a major factor in increasing the overall success of an organization. Now, HR, Training, and Corporate Communications groups are finding that video is the key to creating high-performing teams.

Corporate Communications & HR Teams

Live event streaming and on-demand videos are quickly becoming go-to resources for Corporate Communication and HR teams. Organizations like Smithfield Foods, SAS, Restoration Hardware, and Dell EMC live stream important internal meetings like CEO addresses, earnings calls, and executive town halls to keep employees informed and to put a personal face on company messages.

Employee Training Video

Training teams have also fallen hard for video. With video, every single employee, no matter where they’re located, receives a consistent message and training experience. And they can learn on their own schedule—truly on-demand training. Companies such as Samsung Electronics have built video hubs that engage their global workforce around everything from administrative information to new skill development.

Corporate Communications Video By the Numbers


54% of employees now expect to see video inside the organization4


75% of employees are more likely to watch a business video than read a written document5


70% of companies have already introduced video-based online training within their organizations6

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Making Video Work

動画が Dunkin' ブランドを印象づける:社内制作チームが、動画を重要なコミュニケーション ツールに変える

Where are you on the video scale?

Getting Started

  • Create and post on-demand training videos
  • Live stream internal events
  • Provide on-demand recordings of events and town halls
  • Perform basic viewer activity analysis


  • Add clickable video links throughout training content
  • Create internal video galleries of employees and teams
  • Integrate your video platform with the internal CMS
  • Use single sign-on and IP restrictions to enhance security
  • Analyze engagement scores to refine your video strategy

Video Leaders

  • Curate employee-generated video galleries
  • Implement live webcasts and live stream trainings
  • Integrate with internal learning management systems
  • Develop secure video training for partners and suppliers
  • Analyze viewing data to track company engagement
  • Add interactivity to videos to boost knowledge retention and ensure compliance certification

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