Nothing brings your destination to life like video

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People are traveling again, which is great news for the hospitality and tourism industry. Now make your destination irresistible by showcasing it with video.

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Video draws people in

When you’re trying to communicate what’s special about a place, a picture may be worth a thousand words — but a video is worth a thousand pictures. Whether you’re trying to entice people to visit a bustling activity-filled city or a quiet sun-soaked beach, video doesn’t just show them what it looks like; it captures what it feels like to be there and invites them to find out for themselves. Video is just more engaging, which means more interest and more trips booked.

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Make your venue the star

Video brings your exhibit hall, conference center, or other venue to life and encourages potential visitors to picture themselves as part of the experience. And our interactive features make the audience connection even deeper — viewers can choose their own path through a video series for an experience tailored to their interests, and they can request more information via embedded calls to action.

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Reach your audience wherever they are

One more reason video is ideal for the hospitality and tourism industry: it goes everywhere. You can deliver your video content via social media, websites, gallery experiences, email — you can even create experiences just like your audience’s favorite streaming platforms with CorpTV. Brightcove makes it easy to turn your content into a destination in itself.

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Who gets the booking, the text-heavy website or the one with all the video?

Okay, that’s an easy one. Almost as easy, in fact, as using our platform to manage and distribute your video. (Which is very easy indeed.) You don’t need any IT skills to upload your content and track which videos are getting the strongest engagement. With Brightcove, it’s simple to keep your content fresh — and your hotel rooms and venues filled.

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