Digital and Consulting Services

Brightcove Digital and Consulting Services offers start-to-finish consulting, strategy, design and development services to bring your vision to reality in the shortest time possible.

In my nine years at Showtime, I've worked with countless companies on implementing solutions for Showtime. Brightcove has hands-down been the best vendor I've worked with during that time. quote
Alex Ciepley
Sr. Director of Online Production
Brightcove Professional Services

Why the Brightcove Digital and Consulting team?

Our team consists of experts in developing digital solutions that can help you revolutionize the way you deliver video experiences to your users.

  • We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects for our Global set of clients
  • We are tightly coupled with our products and newest technologies
  • We can help you take full advantage of new Brightcove functionality like our mobile SDKs , Analytics package and Advertising plug-ins
  • We allow you to focus your in-house resources on areas where they are the experts
  • We can help you deliver video experiences that give your customers the best quality, reliability, innovation and customer experiences

Key Benefits

  • Refine your key strategies and tactics
  • Leverage our experience and frameworks
  • Decrease your time-to-market
  • Accelerate your ROI with rapid deployment
  • Differentiate your offering from the competition

Typical Engagements

  • Advisory & Client Services
    • Player publishing best practices
    • Advertising and Monetization best practices
    • Video encoding best practices
  • Development
    • Custom site development
    • Custom player development
    • Video Cloud development and integration
    • YourBrandTV development
    • TV Everywhere (TVE)
    • Authenticated Video
    • Catch-Up TV and Video on Demand (VOD) experiences
    • Live Streaming experiences
    • iOS app development
    • Android app development
    • Xbox app development
    • Connected/Smart TV app development
    • UX Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Localization and Globalization
  • Integration
    • System Integration
    • Reporting and Analytics integration
    • Ad Server integration
    • Social Media Integration (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)
    • YouTube cross-publishing
    • FreeWheel integration
    • DFP integration
    • CDN integration
    • CMS integration
    • 3rd party technology integration
    • Zencoder
    • Brightcove Once
  • Migration and Re-encoding
    • On-going Ingestion
    • UGC/EGC Upload Tools
    • Custom UGC campaigns
  • Customer Success
    • Publisher On-boarding Package (POP)
    • Health Checks
    • Client Process and Configuration Evaluations
    • Benchmarking
    • Digital Media Publishing Best Practices


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