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How Fitch Learning Used Video In Financial Services

Brightcove Solutions Help Drive Attendance, Scalability, and Differentiation

As a global provider of employee education and professional development for the financial services industry, Fitch Learning helps accelerate employee training and education for its customer base. In fact, Fitch Learning services 80 percent of the world’s top 20 banks, all by offering classroom instruction, online learning, and customized training solutions to meet the learning, regulatory, and certification requirements for clientele across their respective organizations.

Several years ago, Fitch Learning sought to refine its business practices and create more convenient learning solutions for customers and prospects. As part of this change, the company converted most of its classroom curriculum to online content, a large part of which is video. Victoria Green, Fitch Learning’s Global Recordings Manager, says the benefit of blended learning with video assets is that it allows users to participate in class and review content online at a time convenient to them. Enhancing the learning experience from that of a traditional classroom.

Today, Fitch Learning utilises video across a majority of its learning products, and its catalogue includes over 10,000 hours of video-based content. The organization makes more than 200 lectures and classes available via live stream and on-demand each year. In 2015, the company partnered with Brightcove to securely deliver these video sessions to users across the globe with exceptional quality.

Since using the Brightcove platform, Fitch Learning has continued to expand its online instruction and boost customer conversion. That’s because many of those interested in a particular piece of educational content can attend an introductory live stream information session that explains class structure, digital delivery and the benefits of Fitch Learning’s approach. With Brightcove’s cutting-edge technology delivering these high-quality, user-friendly videos to prospects, Fitch Learning now enjoys increased success.

Brightcove Brings Accessibility, Convenience, and Security to Video Training

Fitch Learning boasts an impressive roster of B2B and B2C financial clientele. The former includes large investment and global banks, while the latter consists of self-funded and bank-sponsored individuals. Though the two differ in regards to service needs, both rely on Fitch Learning’s custom blended solutions and online video learning.

The company currently uses the Brightcove video platform to manage, host, and deliver course content to customers throughout Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Fitch Learning also uses Brightcove’s Live solution to stream course lectures, conferences, and introductory informational sessions to customers and prospects alike. Complete with key features like cloud DVR capability, live clipping, interactive chatroll, and live-to-VOD asset creation, Brightcove Live gives viewers an opportunity to participate in an uninterrupted, collaborative learning environment with a real classroom feel. Live’s DVR functionality, in particular, has shown to be a favorite among viewers, as it offers the flexibility and convenience e-learners are looking for.

“A lot of people find the DVR feature useful,” says Green. “They can just pause the live stream while they answer an urgent call or attend a meeting, catching up when they return.”

And with security being such a large concern for its financial services clientele, Fitch Learning relies on the Brightcove platform to provide technology necessary to meet customers’ high security requirements.

"Firewalls are always one of the largest concerns when delivering content in our industry," says Green. "Using Brightcove as our video platform makes our video content more accessible to clients, as the provider is widely used for corporate video."

Audience Analytics Help Streamline the Customer Journey

Fitch Learning also leverages Brightcove to generate brand awareness, reach potential customers, and engage viewers with e-learning solutions. For its B2C clientele, Fitch Learning combines livestream video and VOD content.  Videos such as "An Introduction to Fitch Learning: Feeding Potential" use Brightcove’s Audience module to track every stage of the customer journey.

With Audience, users can connect Brightcove’s video analytics to their CRM platform, which then provides critical marketing data to sales and lead generation teams. For Fitch Learning, this data is critical to accurately identifying qualified sales leads and initiating customer acquisition.

The customer journey begins with a sample video, event, or live stream information session giving curious prospects an overview of Fitch Learning’s platforms and learning solutions. The video session itself is hosted on the company’s website, using bespoke web pages or Brightcove Gallery’s Live Event template, which gives audiences a completely custom-branded viewing experience. Interested parties can only access the live event after completing a contact form, and that information is forwarded to Fitch Learning’s Salesforce CRM. This way, the company knows exactly who’s watching the live stream. Following the session, Fitch Learning creates on-demand video content from the live event and posts it on its website.

Then, using Brightcove’s Audience module, staff can view individuals’ viewing behaviour, including how long viewers watch and what other kinds of content they’re consuming on the site. This gives Fitch Learning a much better understanding of prospects’ interests. After considering the data, they’re able to tailor content to the individual.

“We track attendance, not only on the page, but on the video itself,” says Green. “Before we had the Audience analytics module we had to track attendance on a third-party platform, so we couldn’t track who was watching what. This is no longer an issue following the implementation of Audience with its detailed viewer analytics.”

Besides supporting and streamlining sales efforts, Audience also optimizes Fitch Learning’s marketing initiatives by synchronizing data with the marketing automation platform, Marketo. As Audience captures video viewing analytics and feeds the information into Marketo, Fitch Learning is able to transform these raw numbers into valuable, actionable insights.

“This is a really good example of the differences Audience makes in terms of tracking, understanding user behaviour, and learning how we can improve the customer journey,” says Moray Souter, Head of Digital Marketing for Fitch Learning. “Previously, we knew some videos had 300 views each month, but we didn't know who was watching them. This is what we are looking to really know, understand, and then utilize in the future.”

Increased Attendance and Scalability for Fitch Learning

Since adopting the Brightcove platform and making considerable use of its Live solution, Fitch Learning has boosted its numbers across the board, from viewing attendance, to user experience, to customer conversion. The company’s success with the live solution indicates just how powerful the medium is. Because of this, Fitch Learning has expanded its use of live stream content, and has simultaneously increased video content, for existing online and blended courses.

In addition, Fitch Learning has optimized video production by partnering with existing clients to create highly tailored, client-specific course content. In doing so, the company is now able to provide exclusive educational content other e-learning services can’t offer. Says Souter, “We’re looking at using information we receive from Marketo and Brightcove to serve content to people we wouldn’t necessarily be able to access.”


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