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By Dana Fugate

Director of Content, Digital Marketing at Brightcove

Video Marketing Mentors: Why Use Video


As video marketers step boldly into 2016, we are kicking off the year with a  six-part Video Marketing Mentor blog series to help you tune your programs this year. We’ll be filling these posts with choice nuggets of marketing wisdom to provide guidance and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 - and beyond.

Video Marketing Statistics

To launch this blog series, let’s start at the beginning with the fundamental question:  “why should marketers use video?” There are two very practical and compelling reasons for video marketing. The first reason is marketing results. There are a myriad of studies that demonstrate how video drives people to your site through search, keeps them on your site (sticky content), and converts them at a higher rate than sites without video (the marketing-sales holy grail).

The second reason is that video is one of the most effective vehicles to communicate information. It creates a digital interaction that is as close to human 1:1 communication as possible. The combined audio and visual cues engage the viewer at a deep emotional level and once that connection is made, the viewer is able to internalize the information in a way that truly resonates. Think of the last time you watched a video of someone telling their personal story, and you found yourself cheering at the victory or crying at the defeat. THAT is the power of video. As we at Brightcove like to say - Video Moves.

This pro-video sentiment is shared by most modern marketers, as well as the most successful communicators - whether for internal or external audiences. We interviewed some of today’s top marketing mavens for their perspective on digital marketing, and of course video marketing in particular. Watch the video above to hear these Video Marketing Mentors address the opportunities video presents to marketers across the board.

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