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By Brightcove Marketing

at Brightcove

ORI TV Increases Subscribers by 10X with OTT Flow


How did Mongolia’s first OTT service get to market in a few short months and increase subscribers by tenfold in less than six months? Batka Gankhuyag, vice president of Mongol TV, the leading broadcasting company and content creator in Mongolia, shared the story of how he successfully created ORI TV on the stage at PLAY.

Watch Batka explain first hand how he and his team were able to get to market quickly and deliver a comprehensive and engaging video experience that streams shows like "The Voice," "Shark Tank," _and "Mongolia’s Got Talent"_ to a population of three million people in Mongolia and hundreds of thousands of Mongolian expats around the world. Here are few highlights from his presentation:

  • ORI TV was conceived in large part in response to the rise of mobile as the most important entertainment platform in the region, and the need to deliver content to audiences wherever and whenever they want it.
  • Batka and team were delighted with how “painless” it was to go live with ORI TV in just a few months thanks to Brightcove’s turnkey solution OTT Flow.
  • A content producer at heart, Batka is thrilled that he doesn’t have to get into the technical weeds. In fact, ORI TV does not have any technical staff in the entire organization, and yet, the company was able to successfully launch premium apps across Web, iOS, Android, AppleTV, and Chromecast, leveraging Brightcove’s technical expertise.  

Later in the day, Batka provided deeper insights in the breakout session, “How We Went OTT.” Here he shared ORI TV’s amazing audience growth - a tenfold increase in subscribers since the service launched in January. From his standpoint, content continues to be king - particularly if its niche or original - to attract and retain viewers. He also reiterated that with turnkey solutions like OTT Flow, content owners don’t need to invest in highly skilled IT staff to launch an OTT service and can get to market more quickly than ever which is critical in today’s highly competitive OTT landscape.

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