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Converting Video Viewers into Marketing Leads with Brightcove


Every marketer should have a comprehensive video marketing strategy for 2016. Consumers are watching more video content than ever, and businesses are recognizing video’s unique ability to drive business results. This growth in both supply and demand means that by 2017 video will take up 69% percent of all consumer internet traffic.

Your video marketing strategy needs to address two important questions:

  1. Where is my video content going to live so I can create powerful experiences for my viewers?
  2. What action do I want my viewers to take after they watch my video?

Brightcove Gallery, our module to publish video experiences, provides beautiful templates and marketing tools to help marketers generate measurable results. Gallery’s easy-to-use publishing tools let you create both internal and external video experiences in just minutes on your own, without the need for specialized technical skills or technical resources.

Here are four ways you can use Gallery to create video experiences that convert your viewers into leads:

1. Calls-to-Action on the Page

Call-to-action conversions are a critical measure of a marketing campaign’s success. Video is no different. After your audience has watched the video, you are in a great position to invite your viewer to complete an action. What better way to do this than right on your video portal? Brightcove allows you to add calls to action buttons on your Gallery page. Detroit Symphony Orchestra is using calls-to-action to seamlessly show their viewers that they have the opportunity to support the content they love by making a donation. Remember, a video is an experience. As video lovers, it’s our duty to produce it a fantastic one. As marketers, it is our duty to make sure that fantastic video leads to results!
Video Conversion: CTA Example

2. Custom End Screens

After a viewer has watched your video, what does he or she see? If it’s a blank screen, you are missing out on a major opportunity because it leaves your viewer at a dead end. However, with a custom end screen in your video player, you can encourage your viewers to take further action. There are a number of ways to do this. Your endscreen could say “Thank you for watching!” with your logo underneath. Or, you can take it to the next level and ask your viewer  to share the video to any social network with some custom text. Finally, you can fully customize the video end screen to have custom branding and buttons! Whatever action you want your viewers to take at the end of your video, it is possible with Brightcove.
Video Conversion: Custom End Screen Example

3. Lead forms

Lead forms make it easier to know your  viewers as well as to grow your database, and they’re very simple to create! Lead forms enable you to collect important information from your audience before, during or after the viewing experiences. This information can help your business get more qualified leads so you are more likely to convert them into customers. Brightcove’s custom lead forms can appear either after a certain number of videos are watched, or after a specific period of time within a video. Ask for the information you need from the viewer, like first and last name, email address, and company information. Collect video viewer contact information and import it into a MAP or CRM. Top performing businesses are seeing outstanding results with video-based lead forms and you can too!
Video Conversion: Lead Form Example

As marketers, our job is to steer our customers and prospects through the customer journey - awareness, engagement, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. “Related links” serves the viewer by spotlighting content that would be of further interest to that viewer. They’re the perfect way for you to bring customers and prospects to relevant web pages and have them engage at a higher level with your brand. For example, when a viewer selects a video about a specific product, you can choose to display a link leading them to the product page where they can learn more or make a purchase. These links serve your company because they allow you to lead the viewer down a prescribed path to a desired action while strengthening brand perception for your company.

Video Conversion: Related Links Setup Example

So the next time you are creating a marketing campaign with a video experience, make sure you use Gallery to incorporate one (or all!) of these call-to-action features to turn your video viewers into leads.

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