Video is the key to SaaS success.

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Engage your audience and convert them into high-quality leads.

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Video makes complex technology products and services easy to understand.

It’s one thing to describe your technology. But if you really want to show the difference it can make in people’s lives, nothing compares to video. Show your end users saving time, money, or effort…demo your software or put together a series of how-to videos…convey your company’s culture or introduce key players…video brings your product and your brand to life.

Building a SaaS business? Our Video Marketing Suite has all the tools you need.

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Video draws in viewers — and makes them customers.

No matter how much great information you have on your website, if it doesn’t engage your audience, your message can’t get through. This is where video shines. It draws the eye and makes people pay attention. The more you use it on your website and landing pages, the more engagement you’ll build. The more leads you’ll generate. The more sales you’ll make.

Crush your marketing goals. This guide will show you how.

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Better business intelligence for better business decisions.

One of the great things about video is how much data it generates, and we help you make the most of all of it. With integrations to popular intelligence tools and built-in dashboards that give you insight into both your video content and your viewers, your marketing automation will be more precise, your outreach will be more personalized, and your sales team will be more effective.

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Brightcove brings ROI to SaaS.

When they see how well video works, most companies start making a lot more of it and delivering it to a variety of channels, only to find that managing everything can be overwhelming…and outsourcing it can be very expensive. By consolidating everything with the easy-to-use Brightcove platform, you can keep video management in house — and costs well under control.

What kind of ROI can you see with Brightcove? According to a Forrester Research Total Economic Impact™ Study, 225%.

See how they got that number.

Our technology customers are building connections — and businesses — with video

Xero customer story banner image

Accounting software firm Xero built their customer retention strategy around video — with impressive results.

Xero Customer Logo
Akamai customer story banner image

“The past year has shown us what a powerful tool video can be in creating connections. Our customers expect us to meet them where they are, to anticipate their needs, and to deliver superior experiences digitally.”

Kim Salem-Jackson,

Akamai Chief Marketing Officer

Akamai Customer Logo
Hennge customer story banner image

Security company Hennge used video to reduce churn — and increase revenue.

Hennge Customer logo

Connect with your audiences

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The Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Video, 2023

Understand the competitive landscape of the enterprise video market and why Brightcove is positioned as a Aragon Research Globe Leader.

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