Invest for growth— invest in video.

Finance video live streaming content on a laptop and tablet

Video is the most powerful way to engage customers, generate leads, and drive revenue to build your business.

Finance video streaming content on a tablet

Video promotes the relationships you depend on.

Financial services companies are built on relationships. Trust is essential for navigating volatile markets with your clients and helping them reach their goals. Video makes all your communications more personal and impactful, so you can connect with your audience and begin to build a relationship with them or strengthen the one you already have. Want to explain a complex financial product, reach new prospects on social media, or gain insight into which of your communications is most effective? Nothing works like video.

Learn which type of video to use when in How to Use Video at Every Step of the Customer Journey.

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Showcase your brand at its best.

Video is incredibly versatile — it’s equally good at promoting your brand values and explaining the intricacies of a Roth IRA. Customer testimonial videos are convincing in ways the written word can’t match, and live video lends a sense of urgency and importance to announcements and events. And there’s no better way to welcome new customers and familiarize them with what you have to offer. Much like people’s finances, video appeals to both the head and the heart.

Offer your customers a video experience that’s just like their favorite streaming platform.

This article will explain exactly how.

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Keep your teams connected wherever they are.

Engaging customers with video is just part of the story, because video is remarkably effective at keeping employees connected too. Globally distributed workforce? Video brings everyone together around the world’s biggest conference table. Have announcements or news you want to share? Video keeps everyone on the same page. Interactivity and tracking make it great for training and ensure compliance as well.

For internal comms that really break through, check out our guide Bringing the Power of Video to Internal Communications.

Finance account login and video streaming content on a tablet and smartphone

The failsafe security you and your clients need.

We know security is especially important for financial services firms, and you can rest assured that we take it as seriously as you do. The Brightcove platform provides the necessary security measures and controls to comply with the most rigorous regulatory or corporate requirements. We are strongly committed to safeguarding the security of all our customers and their clients.

Learn more about how security is built into every step of our operations.

Read "It’s More Than Just Security."

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The value of video

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