Nine Partners with Brightcove to Support SSAI for Chromecast


Brightcove takes 9Now to the Big Screen with Google Chromecast

With the rise of online video and catch-up services, consumers are flocking online to watch their favourite shows. And while traditionally the only option would be to watch these on a laptop or a desktop computer, we’re actually now seeing viewers move back to the big screen thanks to the growing popularity of streaming devices.

Just look at Google Chromecast. For as little as AU$60, viewers can easily stream content from their mobile or PC direct to their TV sets. This makes it easier than ever for consumers to watch high-quality, high-resolution videos on a big screen — just choose the content and ‘cast’ it to the TV. It means an end to the ‘pokey’ nature of catch-up services in small browser windows.

Yet while these devices are making it easier to watch digital content on the big screen, they add an extra level of complexity for media companies. Chromecast adds another platform businesses need to support and advertising on these devices adds a further layer of complexity.

At Brightcove, we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to create great experiences across as many devices as possible. That’s why free-to-air broadcasters like Nine are partnering with Brightcove to deliver great experiences to Chromecast users.

Leveraging Brightcove’s cloud ad insertion technology, Nine’s catch up service, 9Now, is now available on Chromecast, adding to the multitude of devices 9Now can be watched on, including the new Apple TV.

Using server-side ad insertion, 9Now now integrates content and ads seamlessly into the video stream, delivering a superior playback experience without disruptions. Instead of buffering or stalled signal between the content and ads, users can now enjoy their favourite shows online just like they would on traditional TVs.

It’s innovations like these that have allowed Nine to be the first Aussie broadcaster to deliver AVOD to Chromecast.