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Put Video to Work Across the Organization - Chapter 6

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From departmental teams to global organizations, it’s clear that companies are doing more with video. Most, however, are just getting started. The majority of brands, enterprises, and nonprofits are just scratching the surface of video’s potential, using it for basic activities in one or two functional areas.

Throughout our decade of working with innovative video users, we’ve seen four key elements that are common to companies who succeed in doing more with video:

1) Comprehensive Video Platform

Capabilities to support both internal and external use cases are critical for video to succeed as a broad communications utility. At a minimum, you should look for platforms that include:

  • Fast, scalable transcoding
  • A robust video content management system
  • A fully customizable and high performing HTML5 video Player
  • Fast, high quality, and reliable video delivery
  • A complete cross-platform solution for reaching the ever-expanding list mobile devices and Internet-connected TVs
  • Reliable live video streaming
  • Advanced video analytics across both your own sites and your social platforms
  • Robust APIs, SDKs and developer resources for easy integration with your existing IT investments
  • Proven security, reliability, and scalability
  • An extensive partner ecosystem that provides a wide range of proven, specialized capabilities that extend the core video platform

Given how quickly video technology is changing, it pays to look beyond a vendor’s current functionality. Examine their track record of innovation over several years, and check out their roadmap of future development plans.

2) Video That’s Easy to Use

To get the most out of your video investment and promote organizational adoption, creating, managing, and publishing outstanding video experiences must be easy for every user, including non-technical teams. And even more than easy, you want a video solution that helps your functional teams be better at their jobs, whether that’s marketing, sales, customer support, training or anything else. Look for solutions that offer the following:

  • Simple, Professional Video Portal and Page Creation

    Templates and wizards help non-technical users create professional, high performing experiences utilizing video-rich portals and web pages. The trick is to find a set of tools that enables business users in any functional area to quickly create great video experiences without coding while at the same time helping video experts streamline many of their day-to-day tasks.

  • Easy Social Publishing

    Your customers spend hours every day on social media. But natively publishing to multiple social media channels is time-consuming and error prone. And trying to analyze the results across multiple channels and compare them to your own website is even harder. Streamlining this task can yield a real competitive advantage.

  • Robust Live Streaming

    Live streaming is getting a lot of love these days. Simplifying the end-to-end process, from encoding to creating dynamic video destinations before, during, and after the event to capturing and publishing clippings for on-demand use is becoming a mainstream need for both internal and external use.

  • Effective Analytics

    Analyzing video viewing data to guide decision making should be at the heart of any video strategy. Effective analysis should span multiple levels of data, from viewing and engagement at an aggregate level down to a specific individual activities. The data should be accessible to both a specific vendor’s own analytic tools as well as exportable to major 3rd party analytics packages.

3) Enterprise-class Manageability

As video becomes a valued communication medium across the entire organization, IT teams are being asked to expand their support and management of this new utility. To help IT succeed in this role, a video platform must provide the following key capabilities:

  • Advanced Security and Control

    Companies need to ensure that sensitive video content remains secure and is only seen by intended individuals, be they internal employees or external partners. So,the ability to support single sign on, define IP restrictions, and control permissions at varying levels of granularity is a must-have for virtually all organizations today.

  • High Network Performance

    IT teams worry that widespread internal video viewing can put a strain on network performance. In many cases IT has already adopted technical solutions to optimize their networks. Leveraging a company’s existing solutions for enterprise content delivery (eCDN) goes a long way toward addressing this concern.

  • Integration into Existing Technology Stacks

    Your company has invested huge amounts of time, money, and expertise to create a robust technology infrastructure. You need to have your video solution leverage those investments. Vendor-supplied and supported integrations for core systems (e.g. CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation, SSO, analytics, QoS, and more) is an important aspect of making video a manageable utility. So too is the availability of an open, API-rich platform.

  • Enterprise-Grade SLAs

    Look for a clear service level agreement (SLA). This demonstrates a vendor’s high level of confidence in the robustness and scalability of its solution.

  • Simplifying Complexity for Flawless Video Deliver

    With continual pressure on their resources and budgets, IT teams don’t have the time to troubleshoot and fix less-than-perfect video experiences. They depend on innovation by their chosen solution partner to deliver advances such as optimizing video quality with minimum bandwidth, future-proofing video libraries against format changes, using Quality of Service metrics to prevent or quickly resolve delivery issues, improving player performance, and supporting the explosion of new devices and formats.

4) Experienced, Trusted Video Resources

Enterprise-class communication utilities require strong, trusted partnerships and shared commitments between an organization and its vendors. Support for video, with its rapid evolution and explosive growth, requires the following elements:

  • Global, 7x24x365 technical support with response times that align with your business needs
  • Dedicated account managers and customer success specialists with deep video production experience to support both end users and IT teams
  • Professional Services for consultation, special customizations, or key development projects

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