Human connections are an essential part of healthcare — and making connections is what video does best.

Healthcare medical video training streaming content on a laptop and tablet

Whether you want to educate patients or medical staff, build relationships between patients and providers, or demo medical devices, nothing engages audiences like video.

Healthcare video meeting on a tablet

Build relationships with video.

The importance of the doctor-patient relationship hasn’t changed since the dawn of modern medicine. What has changed, though, is how that connection is made. Today, video can effectively accomplish much of what had to be done in person not long ago. In an overburdened healthcare system constantly searching for ways to deliver care more efficiently, video can make a big difference.

Doctor is sharing medical information while a patient is taking prescriptions on a laptop

Train staff and educate patients.

Healthcare today has to explain a lot of things to many different viewers: physicians and nurses need training on how to use the latest equipment. Patients need to be informed about their treatment regimens and what to expect. Video is ideal for explaining these kinds of things because it ensures important information is conveyed accurately and it allows the person receiving the information to consume and review it at their own pace and as many times as they wish.

Want to make medical staff training more effective and consistent? These seven tips will show you how.

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Video data informs decision-making.

Video generates the data you need to know how well your video strategy is working. Through integrations with commonly used business intelligence tools and built-in dashboards that present your video data visually, the Brightcove platform enables your organization to make better decisions to achieve your goals.

Healthcare employee video meeting and training information on a smartphone and tablet

Manage and deliver video more efficiently.

With the many different uses healthcare organizations have for video, the cost to outsource and manage so much content can be prohibitive. Consolidating your video with the easy-to-use Brightcove platform allows you to manage and deliver everything in-house to keep costs down.

Investing in the Brightcove platform generates significant returns. This Forrester study explains the Total Economic Impact of Brightcove.

How Barrow Neurological Institute transforms lives by livestreaming brain surgery

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As one of the world’s premier destinations for neurosurgery and neurology, Barrow Neurological Institute provides top-quality care for those suffering from brain and spine diseases, disorders, and injuries.

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14개 비디오 플랫폼을 비교한 Aragon Research Globe 기업용 비디오 2022는 Brightcove를 제품 성능 및 전략 부문의 리더로 선정했습니다. 현재 고려 중인 다른 기업용 비디오와 함께 Brightcove에 대해 자세히 알아보려면 전체 보고서를 확인하세요.

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