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Rethinking Brand Storytelling in the Streaming Age

Brightcove - Full Stream AheadBRIGHTCOVE

In this episode, author and showrunner Jay Acunzo (ex-Google and HubSpot marketer) will help us rethink what it means to go to market as storytellers, not simply to grab and hold attention but to drive genuine results.

You'll learn how to ground your storytelling in your and your team's daily work, pushing beyond all the distractions to deliver experiences your audience prefers over the competition. It's not about glossier production. It's about more resonant stories. The object isn't merely to "get in front of" others. It's to resonate so deeply, you create the urge to act.

In our race to create or curate content, marketers have turned "storytelling" into a buzzword. That's like chefs turning "food" into a buzzword. It's just supposed to be what we do. But as a result of this issue, we're left to face some daunting questions:
  • How do we even begin?
  • Should we act more like a media company?
  • Will we be left behind as competitors stream their way into our customers' hearts?
  • How do we transform into a storytelling brand others adore?

In the end, it all comes back to one core question that determines our results: How do we spark action in others? That's our real job -- and the reason we need to become masterful storytellers. If we can't spark action in others, we don't see results.

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