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By Dana Fugate

Director of Content, Digital Marketing at Brightcove

Video Marketing Mentors: Getting Started with Video


Where To Begin

Today’s blog post: Getting Started With Video, is the 2nd installment of our six-part Video Marketing Mentor series. These posts are filled with choice nuggets of marketing wisdom from Uberflip, MarketingProfs, Oracle, LinkedIn, eMarketing, and more, to provide guidance and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 - and beyond.

In part 1 of this series, our marketing mavens explained the benefits of using video. It’s clear that video is a must-have in marketing campaigns, but many skilled marketers are nervous at the prospect of using a new tool.

One of the most common questions we’re asked at events is “how do we even get started with video?” The good news is that video is like any other element of your marketing programs. The first thing you need is clarity on your goals and KPIs. Map those out. Now, where does video make sense to meet those specific goals? Yes, video has impressively high success statistics through the customer journey, but it should be used strategically where it makes the most sense and in combination with other formats within your campaign. For example, a “talking head” of your marketing director discussing the benefits of your product is not the best use of video. However, if you need to educate viewers on a complex topic - use VIDEO! If you want to demonstrate how a customer is using your product to meet their goals in the real world - use documentary style VIDEO! If you have thought leaders or luminaries who add a well-informed perspective to your wider story - VIDEO again!

Those of us who have been in video marketing for over a decade can attest that video has never been easier or more available than today.

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