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The Video Marketing Master Class

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Ready to take your video marketing to the next level? You need a strategy—and that’s where our new Video Marketing Master Class comes in. This new ebook contains all the foundational knowledge you need to become a pro at video marketing, with industry research, quick tips, and interactive worksheets. Read on for a preview of each chapter, and be sure to download the ebook too. You’ll be the star of your marketing team in no time.

Chapter 1: Leading with Video

Video is a great tool for building brand affinity—so let your brand guide your video strategy. Have you carefully crafted a sleek, minimalist style that suggests a cutting-edge identity? Great: show off the latest update to your product in a gleaming workspace. Maybe you’ve curated a low-key, friendly groove that invites viewers to feel like family. Terrific: shoot a hand-held video of your employees cutting loose at the company picnic. Whatever your brand, video can help it stick.

Chapter 2: Convert and Retain

Your business needs customers to find and choose your product or service, and then not only stick with it but also share the word. To be successful, you’ll need to create videos to match every stage of the journey, and those videos should be aligned to your company’s goals and include clear calls to action. Download the ebook to learn the best videos for each stage, and the right calls to action for each type of video.

Chapter 3: Maximize Audience

You can make the best videos in the world—but if nobody sees them, then what’s the point? The channel where you publish your video will determine how long the video should be, whether or not it has captions, and you should have the video’s channel in mind before you even get started scripting it. Click here for all the specifics you need on what types of videos fit each of your marketing channels.

Chapter 4: How to Scale

The biggest obstacle to scaling up your video strategy is production. The secret to scaling up your production capabilities lies in the answers to three questions: how long does each video need to be? Will it be scripted or unscripted? And what kind of footage do you need? We’ve put together a worksheet in Chapter 4 of the Master Class to walk you through these questions every time you produce a new video.

Chapter 5: Analytics for Growth

Video analytics gather statistics that tell you exactly how engaged audiences are with your content. You can measure the impact of a video with metrics like total views, play rate, click-throughs, referral sources, and more. If the goal is Awareness, total views, play rates, and social shares may tell you what you need to know, but if Conversion is key, you might be more focused on referral source, time of day, or player in relation to click-through rates. You have to be clear on your needs to know whether your videos are meeting them.

Ready to go forth and become a video marketing master? Download the ebook to access all our video marketing knowledge, complete with research, tips, and worksheets.

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