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By Jason Oliveira

Video Producer at Brightcove

Video 101: How to launch and grow your video strategy

Brightcove News

Picture this: Your boss just gave you the long-awaited green light to launch a video marketing strategy. You’re so excited—but you don’t know where to begin when it comes to video for your organization.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re in luck! We rounded up some of our favorite blog posts on the video 101 basics—covering everything from establishing your strategy to testing out new technology to incorporating video into the customer journey.

Getting started

Not sure where to begin when it comes to video? Read the following posts for an overview of the decisions and steps you should tackle first:

  • Define your video strategy in 3 simple steps
    First things first: In order to create the most effective content, you need to think through a few video marketing basics—from your goals to your distribution plan. Check out this post for an overview of the three simple questions you should ask yourself when developing your strategy.

  • Should you produce video in house or outsource?
    If you’re just getting started out with video, I have a feeling you’ve already asked yourself the above question. While there’s no easy answer here, there’s a general equation you can follow. Read this post for our tips on how to make the right decision for your organization.

  • A look at Brightcove’s in-house video studio equipment
    Cameras and lenses and lights, oh my! If you do decide to create videos in house, you’ll need to ensure you have access to all the necessary tools and technology. Need a little help putting together your shopping list? Check out this post for an overview of everything we have in our video closet at Brightcove.

  • How to write a video script
    A powerful and engaging script can make all the difference in ensuring your video meets your goals and brand style. Not sure where to begin? Read this guide for an overview of a proven seven-step workflow you can use every time. As an added bonus, this post includes a link to our two-column script template.

Interested in learning some basic video lingo? Check out our Video Vocab series:

Trying new video formats and technology

Once you have the basics down, you can take your video strategy to the next level. Consider how you can expand your horizons by incorporating advanced functionality and adding new platforms into the mix:

  • The ultimate live streaming checklist
    We get it: Live streaming can seem a little intimidating at first. Download our free checklist for an overview of the tools you’ll need and the steps you should take to ensure your first stream goes off without a hitch.

  • Interactivity 101
    By adding interactivity into your content, you can connect with your audience in a whole new way. Ready to watch your engagement rates soar? Read this post for an overview of the basics—and tips on how to get started with interactive video today.

  • The social video masterclass
    Across all major social networks, posts that contain video perform better than those that are text-only or simply contain a static image. Check out this post for some of our basic tips for posting on each platform—and download our ebook to learn more.

Driving marketing and sales with video

Are you ready to incorporate video into larger campaigns throughout your organization? Read these posts for some of our tips and tricks:

  • Five steps to effective video landing pages
    You can make your marketing landing pages even more engaging by adding a video into the mix. Check out this guide for an overview of the steps you should take (and a couple of things you should avoid!) to create landing pages that actually work.

  • How to incorporate video into the customer journey
    Once you’ve created a variety of different videos, you can begin incorporating these assets into each stage of the customer journey. Read this blog for our tips on using video to move your audience along the sales funnel.

  • How to incorporate video into your sales strategy
    Video can be a powerful tool for driving buying decisions. Check out this post for some insights into the different types of video assets your sales team can use to drive their conversations with leads.

Now that you understand all these video 101 basics, you’re ready for our Video Marketing Master Class. Download our ebook to learn more.

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