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By Lamia Chlala

Product Specialist at Brightcove

New In-Page Experiences for Brightcove Platform Users


Video is a vital presence in our everyday lives. Today, information is everywhere and consumers expect to get your content instantaneously, anywhere they are. Video breaks through the static-- it’s engaging, emotive, even interactive. Video replicates the human experience better than any other medium. So, as business use of video surges to meet consumer expectations, how does the savvy enterprise stand apart and utilize video to surprise and delight prospects and customers? It’s the experience you provide.

The most engaging video experiences encourage us to interact, mention, share, recommend or refer. So, businesses are using online video to help create authentic, meaningful relationships with customers, prospects, partners and employees. Here at Brightcove, our focus is on continually delivering innovations that empower our customers to create video experiences that outperform. Recently we announced our latest product innovation: In-Page Experiences. In-Page is a new Gallery feature that enables any business to create immersive video experiences that transform the way they connect with their audiences.

Our Gallery product makes it easy for marketers to easily create and deploy video-rich portal experiences, landing page experiences, and live event experiences - fully customizable to your brand’s specifications within minutes.

Now, In-Page makes it easy to think “outside the box” and experiment with a wide variety of formats like carousels, grids, playlists, and more. Easy to create and designed to perform, these stylish video experiences will transform not just the way you publish video, but the way your audiences connects with it.

Brightcove’s Embeddable Horizontal PlaylistBrightcove’s Embeddable Horizontal Playlist

In a day when business video is demanded, what does it take to be extraordinary? Because In-Page is centered around personalized, contextual, video content, you can create different states for your media- specifically tailoring what the viewer sees before, during, and after play.

Brightcove’s Embeddable Video CarouselBrightcove’s Embeddable Video Carousel

Now, let’s go deeper. What if you could add layer upon layer to your video experience? Allowing your audiences to immerse themselves in your brand’s look, feel, tone, and most importantly, message? Imagine adding to your story with links, panels, and interactive forms, that can be displayed both inside and outside the player itself. You can set these prompts and calls-to-action to appear dynamically at different points in the video. All of this can now be done with simple point-and-click authoring tools, allowing anyone to construct video experiences without programming knowledge or IT support.

Brightcove’s Dynamic and Embeddable Video Experiences Brightcove’s Dynamic and Embeddable Video Experiences

Stylish, immersive, and compelling, In-Page makes it easy for business users to create extraordinary, customized video experiences. No matter your level of tech expertise, you can use In-Page to encourage deeper levels of engagement and build relationships with customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

Video cuts through the noise. It is the most compelling form of digital content for a very simple reason: at it’s core, video is about personal, human connection. Just delivering video is not enough - the experience is what engages your audience and motivates them to take that next step. We can’t wait to see the unique experiences our customers create with In-Page, we know you will “think outside of the box” in ways we never even imagined.

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