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By Meredith Kivett

Director, Partner Solutions, Media at Brightcove

Personalized Video Experiences Lead to Higher Consumption and Retention


A customer recently said to me, “I’m tasked with increasing video views year-over-year by 4x, and I have no idea how I’m going to do it.” This can be an overwhelming problem to solve and there are multiple tools for tackling the challenge, but one that’s shown significant promise is our partner IRIS.TV’s recommendation engine.

According to IRIS.TV, publishers who use their solution to create continuous streams of personalized video have seen increased video views per viewer by an average of 47%. At NAB, we invited IRIS.TV Co-Founder/CRO Robert Bardunias to walk us through some of what IRIS.TV can do and how their integration with Brightcove helps publishers increase consumption and retention. Thumbs up!

For more information about our partnership with IRIS.TV, grab a copy of our datasheet here.

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