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Lexie Knauer

By Lexie Knauer

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove


Maximize your OTT potential: How to stay one step ahead

Brightcove News

The pool of OTT viewers is growing, and the market is becoming increasingly crowded. Over the coming months, heavyweights from Disney to Apple are entering the ring, making today’s streaming wars the most competitive yet.

So, how can you capture your market share? In order to build and retain a loyal audience, you have to do more than keep up: You have to stay o__ne step ahead. That’s why we’re launching a new OTT content hub—packed with the insights and information you need to maximize your OTT potential. And we’ll be continuously updating the hub with industry trends and best practices to ensure you’re set for success. Read on for a preview of what you can expect, and download the ebook to learn more.

Understand today’s streaming trends

It’s clear that the “lean-back” experience is back. In fact, the findings from our 2018 Global Consumer Streaming Habits Survey indicated that the majority of video consumers (57%) use a TV to stream content more than once a week. As such, it’s more important than ever that connected TVs and smart TVs are part of your distribution strategy. Make sure you’re ready to reach your audience everywhere.

Interested in more industry stats? Download our infographic for global, data-driven insights into:

  • Why consumers are most likely to try a new streaming service

  • How streaming consumers identify themselves (browsers vs. decisive vs. indecisive)

  • The top reasons consumers abandon a live stream

Maximize your OTT potential

It’s more important than ever that you keep your viewers’ attention by understanding their preferences, providing high-quality content, and offering a frictionless user experience.

Our OTT ebook details the following steps to stay one step ahead of your competition:

  1. Define your content strategy.

  2. Design a distribution roadmap that empowers you to reach your audience across devices.

  3. Launch campaigns to build awareness around your offerings.

  4. Choose the monetization strategy that fits your content catalog, audience’s location, and marketing budget. And test which ad experiences resonate best with your viewers.

  5. A/B test to confirm your interfaces are easy to navigate.

  6. Develop a compelling library of rotating content.

By defining the right OTT strategy for your business—and executing on it to achieve the best results—you can launch and grow a successful service in today’s competitive market. Download the ebook for more tips and best practices.

Deliver captivating OTT experiences

In an age when viewers have increased expectations and growing appetites to watch content on an ever-growing list of devices, it’s more important than ever for you to reach your audience—wherever they are. With Brightcove OTT solutions, you can deliver consistent experiences across mobile, connected TVs, and smart TVs with speed and ease—giving viewers the same look and feel, regardless of their device choice. By launching and scaling quickly, you can capture your market share.

Want more expert insights on how to reach and engage your audience? Check out our One Step Ahead content hub. And be sure to stay tuned for more updates to the page over the coming months! There’s more thought leadership and downloadable assets coming your way.

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