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By Britta Schellenberg

Senior Director of Global Program Management and Localization at Brightcove

Katie Martell Keeps it Real at PLAY

Brightcove News

Couldn’t be at #PLAY2018? Our #REPLAY series will cover themes and highlights from this year’s event. Catch up on all the takeaways we learned from our amazing group of presenters and attendees, and find out how you can apply these tips to your next video initiative

For three years in a row, Katie Martell has been named one of the top ten marketing and social media voices on LinkedIn, and she jokes that she has no idea why. But that’s just Martell being humble. In reality, she knows her stuff. We spoke to the multi-talented marketing consultant, writer, and speaker about what it means to be truthful in marketing, and why getting rid of the word content might be the marketing approach we’ve all been looking for.


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