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By Zak Silvernail

Account Director at Brightcove

How Video Marketing Helped Xero Attract, Retain, and Grow its First Million Subscribers


If you haven’t already heard of Xero, the New Zealand-based cloud accounting platform, it’s time you have them on your radar. Founded in 2006, the company has grown over the past ten years into one of the most successful SaaS companies worldwide.

We recently caught up with Drew Unsworth, Digital Advisor for Xero, to chat about Xero’s digital marketing approach and how video plays a big role in helping the fast-growing accounting software business attract and retain customers successfully. Clearly it’s working — Xero recently reached the milestone of over 1 million subscribers.

While discussing how every business today is using data to drive decisions, Drew highlights the importance of leveraging analytics to drive customer engagement. He also provides practical advice on what marketers should look for and do to get the most out of a video strategy and increase interest in digital content.

However, a digital video marketing strategy is only as good as the tools and technology that underpin it. When the business started reaching a certain level of growth, Drew notes that it required an enterprise-grade video platform that could keep up with its expansion goals and provide key features, integrations, and brand security to support Xero’s progress.

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