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By Nathan Veer

Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Using Salesforce Video Data to Maximize Followups


How To Use Salesforce Video Data & Make Effective Follow-Ups

Today, Marketing and Sales departments need to be more integrated than ever. A seamless, high-quality customer experience means that all marketing information must be available to your sales team quickly. Lead response times matter. The ability to qualify a lead can drop by as much as 400% when the lead response time doubles from five to ten minutes. That means as soon as a prospect turns into an MQL or SQL,  your sales team should be notified. With video view data in Salesforce, a salesperson can follow up with each prospect more effectively.

At Brightcove, we’ve been working to help you manage interactions between Marketing and Sales. Brightcove video marketers can now notify their sales team of a lead’s potential interest in a product or topic by integrating Brightcove Audience directly with Salesforce. Video viewing data is delivered to Salesforce as a “task” which in turn notifies a sales rep to follow-up.  But wait - it’s not just a follow up.  Your sales team now knows exactly what the prospect has and has not watched, so they can use this information to start a very specific conversation.

Want to get in on the fun?

If you’re a Video Marketing Suite customer, you can request access to this integration by reaching out to your account manager. Once the request has been made, a new option will be displayed on your Audience setup page. Configuration takes only a few minutes.

Brightcove Video Integration with Marketing AutomationCreate an Audience player just like you normally do -- and publish it to your website or Brightcove Gallery. Viewing data will now flow from your video player to a specific contact in Salesforce. Each contact in your database is now understood on a deeper level, strengthening your ability to engage each with personalized responses.

Brightcove Audience Video Lead Form ExampleBrightcove Audience Viewer Activity History in SalesforceStart delivering video-view data into Salesforce. More meaningful conversations will happen! That’s Sales and Marketing working together to serve the prospect’s needs and drive your company’s bottom line.

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