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By Chris Little

at Brightcove


Embed Video in Facebook News Feed

Brightcove News


We recently worked with Facebook to enable playback of Brightcove video in the 'News Feed.' Now Brightcove publishers can allow their users to share content into their News Feeds on Facebook*.

You will probably want to create a new player for viral sharing on Facebook to turn off advertising and track the performance seperately in your reports. Within the HTML code of your site you can configure how the metadata will be passed into the News Feed, full details on Facebook sharing options can be found here.  Once this is set, a few lines of Javascript enable a user to post one of your videos to their Facebook news feed for all of their friends to see.

One of our first customers to take advantage of this is Rainbow Media's WE tv. I have also created a demo of this and attached the source code with getting started instructions below.

Getting Started:

  • Download the file and open a text editor - Download Source Code
  • Edit Meta tags at top of the HTML page
  • Replace existing Brightcove player with one from your account
  • Edit "image_src" and "video_src" within Facebook button code to reference your image and the video player that you would like to be posted in the News Feed (retain format of 'video_src' url and add your publisher/player/video IDs).

*Note: Be sure to abide by Facebook’s Platform Guidelines, and the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Please note that advertising is not allowed on user profile pages.

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