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Do More With Video: Unleash the Power of Video Across the Enterprise

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“Video is the most effective form of digital communication the world has ever known.”

Ask anyone on my team here at Brightcove and I’m sure they’d let you know this is a statement that I make frequently. And I have no plans to stop saying it any time soon. Why? Yes, it’s bold - “the world has ever known” - but most importantly, it is so very true. Video engages us on a deeper level than any other form of digital communication, quickly conveying more information than any other medium and tapping into what we feel— an emotional shortcut through the brain.

This belief in the power of video has been the guiding force here at Brightcove since day one. The company was founded more than a decade ago with one key (and at the time very radical) theory: that video would one day be as ubiquitous as text on the internet. I’m thrilled to say that day has come: video accounted for 73% of traffic in 2016 and will make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021.

For years now we’ve been helping marketers leverage the power of video to drive awareness, engagement, conversion, retention, and loyalty. During this time, we’ve also seen our customers expand beyond marketing and an increasing interest in video across functions. As online video viewing has exploded, teams in sales, support, human resources, corporate communications, training, and other functions have also begun to use video to drive business results. But there is still a large adoption gap - the majority of brands, enterprises, and nonprofit organizations are just scratching the surface of video’s potential, using it for basic activities in one or two functional areas.

It is time to close that gap. We’re on a mission to help organizations take the benefits they are seeing with video to the next level with powerful functionality, deeper insights, and more applications across their business.

That is why I’m so excited to today share Brightcove’s new guide, Put Video to Work Across Your Organization. This comprehensive guide outlines a path to success for organizations to move beyond simple use of video and implement video effectively across the enterprise for marketing, internal communication, ecommerce, customer support, and sales. It provides a look at how video leaders across a wide range of industries are using video in new ways across every function of their businesses to get better business results and outlines how organizations can achieve the same kind of results by:

  • Making video an integral part of digital experiences across their entire organization
  • Evolving from just getting started with video to becoming a video leader
  • Delivering measurable returns on video investments

I encourage you to read the guide and find where your organization falls on the “video adoption scale” - and more importantly, to identify what the next steps are on your path to leveraging the power of video across your entire organization. I look forward to hearing how you are using the most effective form of digital communication to drive business results.