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By Brenna Fitzgerald

PR & Marketing Manager at Brightcove

Case Study: Brightcove Helps Avid Technology Create Customized Education Features

Brightcove News

It’s always interesting to explore how Brightcove customers are utilizing our technology and realizing measurable benefits from their implementations. It was particularly fun to learn more about how Avid Technology is using Brightcove Video Cloud since our world is intrinsically linked to theirs; while Video Cloud helps customers to deliver and manage online video content, Avid is often the creative tool used in the video development process.

Avid, another Massachusetts-based company, specializes in video and audio production technology--specifically, digital non-linear editing systems, management and distribution services. Creative professionals from Hollywood to Madison Avenue rely upon Avid’s suite of products to fulfill their visual storytelling needs. Since Avid’s 1987 launch, its technology innovations have earned it hundreds of awards, including two Oscars, a Grammy and 14 Emmys. The company certainly wields “video cred.”

So what led Avid to Brightcove? Though Avid is an expert on the video development front, it sought outside expertise for video distribution best practices. Our latest customer case study discusses the Avid/Brightcove relationship in further detail, but we wanted to use this post to offer a brief synopsis.

Essentially, Avid’s path to online video dates to the spring of 2010, when the company began to investigate live webcasting options, including video. Ultimately, Avid assembled a DIY, Flash-based webcasting solution that incorporated both chat and video for an interactive experience. With this knowledge in-hand, the company began to research online video platforms that would provide additional, on-demand viewing capabilities--and also help the company grow into additional educational video functionality moving forward.

In March 2012, Avid selected Brightcove Video Cloud as its online video platform of record. Since then, the company has integrated video into its website help offerings--directing users to tutorial video content when they are working within Avid software and a question arises. Currently, the Avid team is working to migrate its video content marketing assets to Video Cloud so that they can be easily organized and managed as well as optimized for mobile devices. In the future, Avid plans to take advantage of Video Cloud to improve video-driven SEO and add user-generated content to its website.

We’ll continue to stay close to Avid’s Video Cloud activity and will plan to keep you updated on the company’s evolving use of Brightcove technology. If you’re looking for some holiday reading, you can check out the case study in full here.

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