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By Britta Schellenberg

Senior Director of Global Program Management and Localization at Brightcove

All About Video Analytics With Ruthie Shek

Brightcove News

Couldn’t be at #PLAY2018? Our #REPLAY series will cover themes and highlights from this year’s event. Catch up on all the takeaways we learned from our amazing group of presenters and attendees, and find out how you can apply these tips to your next video initiative.

As video marketers and digital media publishers, you need to know your audience—who they are and what they want. That’s where video analytics come into play.

Ruthie Shek, director of video insights and strategy at Meredith Corporation, shares with us her top four video data sources. She also explains how to use this information to formulate a results-driven video strategy, using an example from her own company to illustrate how important video analytics are to overall business growth.

“My company, Meredith, pays a lot of attention to SEO and search, and that’s an area we know if we devote some effort in, making sure our videos match the offerings people look for in search, it will be an opportunity for growth,” she says. “So making sure we have search-friendly video, that’s an easy win for us.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Ruthie and what she recommends for putting video analytics to work.

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