D2Soft Technologies develops a webcam video recording service called Nimbb. By using the Nimbb technology, websites can easily embed video recording to create user-generated content like video testimonials and video profiles. Customers in more than 20 countries are using Nimbb.

Site owners, publishers and developers can quickly embed the Nimbb Player into their site using simple HTML/JavaScript code. Visitors can then record videos using their webcam directly from the browser. The Nimbb Player makes it easy to record videos seamlessly within websites and its flexibility can answer the most complex development needs.

It's possible to use Nimbb to record videos and automatically upload them to a Brightcove account. Within minutes, the Nimbb Player can be embedded in a website and configured to transfer any recorded video to Brightcove. This is the easiest and most convenient way to create new user-generated video content.

By integrating the Brightcove Media API into Nimbb, the service makes the whole process transparent and instant for the publisher. There is no waiting; as soon as a user records a video, it can be transferred to Brightcove. It’s also possible to automate the process without having any programming knowledge. The service offers many video tutorials to get started easily.

The Nimbb Player only requires a webcam and the Adobe Flash Player installed on the end-user’s computer. The Brightcove publisher must have access to the Brightcove Media API.

To see how Nimbb works with Brightcove, see the introduction video:

Features & Benefits

  • Easiest way to create video content for Brightcove
  • Quickly embed webcam recording into a website using Nimbb
  • Let visitors record videos within the browser
  • Instantly move recorded videos to a Brightcove account
  • No programming knowledge required to get started

Getting Started

Four easy steps:

  1. Create a Nimbb account
  2. Subscribe to Nimbb (Corporate package required)
  3. Embed the Nimbb Player into your website
  4. Configure Nimbb to move recorded videos to Brightcove

Integration Overview

Complete guide with 6 easy steps to integrate Nimbb with Brightcove : Integration Instructions

Customer References

Nimbb is used by customers in more than 20 countries around the world. Customers such as McGraw-Hill, Doctors Without Borders, Cirque du Soleil and BBC have been using Nimbb to create user generated video content. For a list of customers, partners and case studies, visit this page:

Brightcove integration is available only with the Corporate subscription of Nimbb. Publishers can subscribe to Nimbb on a monthly basis or a prepaid option. For complete features and prices, see the Pricing page (

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