Partner Overview

Multipop enables anyone to add interactive content and commerce to video, increasing the value of every video view on all digital platforms. 

Multipop is designed to be a core workflow tool that drives exponential revenue growth and consumer engagement. 

We do this by enabling: 

  • Direct and affiliate commerce, 
  • New native and programmatic advertising, 
  • Unique content marketing and integration, 
  • Increases in page views. 

Integration Overview

In minutes: 

  • Add our Brightcove Plug-in to your player of choice 
  • Upload videos individually or en masse 
  • Author videos Multipop's templated content items within the Multipop editor. 

    Now it's instantly accessible across any web-based platform/device including mobile. 

    That's it!

Features & Benefits of Integration

  • Programmatic ads can be inserted dynamically into every 'pop' whether it's a fun fact or a poll, it's monetized providing an instant lift to your programmatic inventory. 
  • Native ads, branded content and content marketing, are 100% viewable 
  • Commerce Opportunities: exclusive fully integrated commerce from HSN with over 70,000 SKUs with full service fulfillment. You can add commerce into any video at scale and in real time creating new opportunities to convert audiences to consumers in the moment. 
  • Analytics: In virtual real-time, see how your content is performing. You know exactly who your audience is, where they are, what they interact with, and for how long they are engaged.

All CPM pricing is tiered based on the volume of views aggregated across all your videos. CPMs range from $2 - $0.75. 

With this pricing structure, our fee is fixed and yours is completely uncapped! An average customer sees at least a 6x in impressions.

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