Kiosked is a platform for creating, distributing and tracking interactive and shoppable video. It is the first truly scalable, enterprise-level platform of its kind. Kiosked adds graphical overlays of products or other content on videos, and creates non-intrusive, highly contextual advertising units or shopping opportunities. For consumers, Kiosked is a service that adds to the experience of watching video.

Imagine watching a cooking program online and being able to shop the cookware directly from the video, or watching a video of a car and being able to book a test drive, download a brochure or price list, order a newsletter or watch more videos of that car directly from the same video. With Kiosked, this can be implemented easily.

Kiosked is cloud-based and does not require downloading software or integration work. Everything is controlled and modified in real time from one dashboard that is also home for all insightful analytics. With Kiosked, interactive video is always contextual, personal, non-intrusive and engaging.

With Kiosked, publishers can provide their advertisers and sponsors non-intrusive, contextual visibility on their video content, or cross promote their own content and products. Creating rich engaging video content increases consumer engagement and time spent on site. Kiosked can be used by broadcasters, on-demand service providers, video channels, magazines, news media and other online publishers.

Brands can turn their branded videos into viral sharable storefronts or engaging media units. Branded content is made to create impulses and Kiosked enables consumers to act on those impulses immediately. Kiosked enables discovery and brand recognition and increases engagement significantly. It provides brands access to C2C marketing and makes shopping easy and fun for consumers.

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in location awareness: users will see kiosks in their own language and currency
  • Connected product database: product info in kiosks is dynamic and up to date
  • Kiosks can be customized to brand look and feel
  • Cloud-based service: no software to download
  • HTML5 and Flash support
  • VAST and VPAID standards support
  • Brightcove clients can easily add kiosks directly to their Brightcove videos by dragging and dropping

Integration Overview

Setting up Kiosked is easy. Just go to and follow instructions. Just a few easy steps and you are ready to go.

  • Performance-based pricing (CPA or CPE)
  • Freemium monthly fee plan
  • See complete pricing plan here: Pricing
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