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HapYak Interactive Video

HapYak + Brightcove

HapYak lets you easily add interactions to all your videos and provides analytics that measure engagement, lead intelligence and conversion. Now digital marketers can increase the impact of video and measure the strongest signals from their audience, interactions.

모든 버전의 Brightcove 플레이어에서 쉽고 빠르게 클릭유도문안, 폼, 투표 및 설문조사, 링크, 챕터 메뉴 및 핫 스폿을 영상에 추가할 수 있습니다. Oracle Eloqua와 Marketo 등 다른 마케팅 자동화나 웹 분석 및 백오피스 플랫폼에 직접 시청자 상호 작용 데이터를 전송하여 리드 품질과 MQL 그리고 전환 비율을 향상시켜 보세요.

Key Benefits of Interactive Video

  • Measure and Optimize ROI: Track every click so you know what specific leads and prospects care about inside your videos.
  • Engage, convert and delight your audience.
  • Transform video from a monologue into a dialogue.

Why HapYak?

HapYak serves more interactive video and tracks more interaction data than anyone but YouTube. We work with many Brightcove customers such as General Motors, Intel Security, Oracle, Merck and more.

  • Add interactivity to video in minutes with our drag-and-drop studio. No coding, IT or production support needed.
  • Scalability. Interactive Templates can be applied to dozens or hundreds of Brightcove videos with one click.
  • A robust library of widgets make it easy to add advanced interactions like Branching, Demo Scheduling, Click-to-Call, Click-to-Buy, Add-to-Cart, ...
  • HapYak is HTML5-based and ensures interactivity across all devices. It is extensible, flexible and built for integration.
  • Easily customize the style (color, font, …) of your interactions to match corporate branding.

Why Brightcove + HapYak?

HapYak is built with a suite of Brightcove-specific integrations that are unique in the interactive video world:

  • Videos remain hosted and served from your Video Cloud account
  • 리드 인텔리전스를 캡처하고 Brightcove Video Marketing Suite 을 통해 마케팅 자동화 플랫폼 (Marketo, Eloqua 등)으로 보냅니다.
  • Auto-project creation through Video Cloud integration
  • Auto-publish to Gallery.
  • Support for native Brightcove full-screen
  • APIs enable interactivity outside of the video frame
  • One-click publishing with automatic modification of updated projects in all embeds
  • Dedicated customer success manager experienced with Brightcove
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Collaborative consulting with HapYak and Brightcove success managers
  • Add module to existing Brightcove contract
  • Contact Brightcove Account Rep to get started