Grabyo is the leader in real-time video. Its scalable, cloud-based platform enables broadcasters and content rights holders to instantly create, distribute and monetise real-time video clips across any platform and device.

Grabyo is a real-time video platform that offers broadcasters and rights holders the opportunity to drive fan distribution and engagement, CRM and new sponsorship and advertising revenues using social and digital platforms. Grabyo is partnered with Twitter and Facebook for mobile and video services globally and existing clients include international broadcasters, rights holders, clubs and federations across Europe and North America. Grabyo’s unique cloud-based video capability is fast, easy to use and optimized for mobile and social engagement.

  • Grab clips from any live broadcast TV or IP video feed using cloud-based editing tools in any browser.
  • Share videos instantly to social networks, websites and apps – optimised for mobile with clip playout inline across Twitter and Facebook. Export videos to third party platforms, such as Brightcove Video Cloud, with a single click.
  • Engage - Generate new revenue from existing rights via sponsorship, advertising and social campaigns including Twitter Amplify. Measure video performance and optimise in real-time.

Platform Benefits

  • Speed: Clips can be shared in real time when the “conversation is happening” on social media – 50% of all real-time clip views occur within 20 min of the video being shared.
  • Monetisation: Media assets (such as pre/post-roll advertising and digital sponsorship) can be added to the clips in real-time – creating a new revenue stream for rights holders.
  • Social distribution: Direct integration with Twitter where users can view TV clips as Twitter cards without leaving Twitter, and Facebook where users can watch ‘auto-play’ videos directly within Facebook’s newsfeed on web and mobile.
  • Engagement: Content is shared from your own social accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Mobile: 80% of all video traffic on the Grabyo platform comes from mobile devices and all services are optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Simplicity: The cloud-based tools make it easy for anyone to edit and share videos from live TV and video feeds.
  • Platform integration: Grabyo videos can be embedded in websites, live blogs and mobile apps. A Grabyo Gallery is provided, which is a responsive gallery of real-time videos that updates automatically, e.g. or Clips can also be exported to Video Cloud.

Integration Features & Benefits

  • Clip distribution: Ability to quickly edit clips and send to Video Cloud from Grabyo Studio.
  • Meta-data creation/tags: Authenticate your Video Cloud account into Grabyo and add freeform tags before clips are sent to Video Cloud.
  • Thumbnails: Edit a specific thumbnail in Grabyo Studio and export to Video Cloud with video clip.
  • Remote asset storage / distribution: Edit a clip in Grabyo Studio and share URL with Video Cloud for rapid publishing. Clip stored as a remote asset in the Grabyo CMS. (Note: Grabyo can provide multi-bitrate files for remote asset storage and distribution if required).
  • HD / High bitrate channel/feed inputs: Ability to take a high bitrate stream into Grabyo Studio and output a high bitrate video clip to Video Cloud for transcoding to all relevant profiles.
  • Asynchronous content sharing / social video hybrid: Option for users to share clips immediately to social media using the Grabyo player and share the same clip in high bitrate to Video Cloud for use within the client website/apps. This optimises the workflow for speed and social video distribution (as well as supporting a wider range of media assets such as a responsive, branded video player).

Integration Overview

  • Users with a Grabyo account just need to request access to the Brightcove sharing option via their Account Manager.
  • Once provisioned the user needs to set up their Brightcove Video Cloud API details in Grabyo Studio.
  • Grab and edit a video from Grabyo and select Brightcove account as a share destination.
  • See video clip appear in Video Cloud.
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