At Cramer, we smartly combine event and digital marketing solutions in one creative agency.The reason it works so well for our clients is this: we can evaluate all the possible ways of connecting with your target market and deliver all the best solutions: online, face2face, or an integration of both.
We take a non-linear approach because your customers live in a multi-media world. Information comes to them on their phones and tablets, at live conferences and virtual events, via social networks, web sites, and, yes, even from print. You need multiple channels before, during, and after an event to ensure that your message sticks. And you need a diverse group of disciplines working together—which is exactly what our team of animators, writers, artists, developers, producers, filmmakers, musicians, editors, strategists, directors, and staging experts do every day.

  • Some of our integrated solutions include:
  • Launching Products
  • Generating Leads
  • Nurturing and Retaining Customers
  • Training & Enabling Sales and Strategic/Channel Partners
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