Launched in 2011, Cleeng is a SaaS platform specialized in Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™).

Cleeng has delivered its unique solution to brands such as HBO Boxing, FIFA World Cup, Foxtel, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, FranceTV, Altice, CBC and 100s of broadcasters and leading brands.

With our framework, clients can set up subscription services and, all the while receiving unparalleled insight on how consumers experience their online content.

Today, Cleeng is at the heart of the OTT subscription space and aims to provide an unique solution to the challenge of retention for the whole subscription economy, well beyond the Over-The-Top services. Our infrastructure allows to analyze every step of any subscriber journey from authentication, billing and engagement measurements.

The millions of data-points collected are gathered in a unified subscriber analytics dashboard designed to beat churn. The large data accumulated thereby puts Cleeng, and our SRM™ method, as one of the best contenders for any client wishing to gain, predict and ultimately keep their end users.

Cleeng has been partners with Brightcove over many years and our solutions are deeply integrated with over 50 joint deployments. Cleeng is also part of Brightcove OTT Flow, which is specifically designed to rapidly deploy high-quality subscription video services across multiple platforms. Together with Brightcove experts, we have a comprehensive and simple solution waiting for you. 

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