Akamai® is the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere. At the core of the company's solutions is the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ providing extensive reach coupled with unmatched reliability, security, visibility and expertise. Akamai removes the complexities of connecting the increasingly mobile world, supporting 24/7 consumer demand and enabling enterprises to securely leverage the cloud.

Brightcove, as a NetAlliance Partner, is now part of the Akamai HD Network partner ecosystem. Akamai's HD Network was developed with the goal of delivering the highest quality experience at broadcast audience scale across the industry's most popular devices, platforms and runtimes, and enabling content owners to increase audience engagement and expand revenues through higher quality video playback and interactivity. Akamai's HD Network was further designed to deliver live and on-demand content while leveraging an infrastructure of tens of thousands of HTTP servers deployed globally in ISP locations.

Akamai is also now part of the Brightcove Alliance partner ecosystem. The Brightcove Alliance is a global ecosystem of more than 200 leading technology and distribution partners who have integrated with the Brightcove online video platform, as well as solution providers building customer websites and video applications using Brightcove. Through the Brightcove Alliance, organizations worldwide have access to a broad range of expert partners, pre-integrated technologies and services to support online video initiatives of any size and scope in every market.

To learn more, check out the partnership announcement.

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