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How HUGO BOSS's Video Fashion Show Hit 70,000 Live Views

The HUGO BOSS Group is one of the world’s most admired brands in luxury apparel. They’re also known for pushing the limits on what’s possible for their fashion shows, and from the very beginning embraced the incredible power of video to bring the runway to screens everywhere.

HUGO BOSS came to Brightcove with an idea to produce a live, 3D video experience to launch their BOSS Black ”New Dimension” Fall/Winter line, with the event set to take place in Beijing as part of their strategy to increase their reach in China.

As a first-of-its-kind event in the fashion world, the creative team knew they needed to deliver a flawless experience at the actual event, and virtually around the world. After all, you don’t earn the right to be one of the most respected brands in the luxury space without a relentless commitment to excellence. Technical issues with the live stream were never an option.

Despite the creative team’s vision and plan, actually bringing it to fruition with technology was proving challenging. With far too much riding on the execution and delivery of the show, Brightcove quickly became the obvious choice for HUGO BOSS when considering a partner. The team at HUGO BOSS needed a video solution that was robust enough to handle the scalability and spikes in viewership, and that it would all just work.

As part of the solution, HUGO BOSS created fully customized video players for cross-platform distribution for the live, 3D experience to work online, mobile, and across social channels, with the ability to share the content with just one-click.

With the technology secured, HUGO BOSS began promoting the “New Dimension” show in-stores and across its online properties, offering complimentary HUGO BOSS 3D glasses first come, first served. In a matter of just a few short weeks, HUGO BOSS had completely “sold out” of the glasses, far exceeding their initial expectations in viewer interest.

As HUGO BOSS CEO, Claus-Dietriech Lahrs, said, “This is a very special event to premiere a wonderful collection. The fact that the show is being shared digitally and in 3D makes it an ideal fit for the up-and-coming Asian market.”

The event went off without a hitch and generated conversations everywhere. The brand garnered media coverage in China, as well as in France, Germany, the US, UK, Denmark, and Sweden.

Given the event’s success, HUGO BOSS launched its first shoppable video content for its holiday campaign, again with great success. Using a customized Video Cloud player, customers were able to click directly on products floating through the video and were directed to the online store for checkout.


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